Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Friday Pizza

We love pizza, especially on Friday nights.

Our family’s love for pizza began over 20 years ago when we lived in England. (I’ve loved pizza since my childhood when we’d go to Me‘n’Ed’s and I would get my parents to order an extra one so I could have leftovers.) We began to treat ourselves after a long week of work and school with pizza on a Friday night. Our order would be placed over the phone and the delivery guy would bring our pizza on a scooter right to our front door. If our order wasn’t delivered in 30 minutes then it was free. Those were the days!

We carried on with our tradition when we moved to Florida. We decided this would be a good chance to visit with the grandparents. We picked up the pizza (and sometimes wings) on our way to their house for our “pizza party,” as Grandpa would say. Grandpa would provide the drinks and ice cream.

Pizza delivery is one thing we’ve given up since we’ve moved to rural Texas. The nearest pizza place is 10 miles away with no chance of delivery. They laughed at me when I asked. We went there a few times, but the pizza was cold by the time we got it back home.

So, we have discovered that frozen pizza is a good alternative. Frozen pizza is cheaper, too. We have a bigger freezer now so we can stock up when they're on sale. Plus it's hot out of the oven. Guv’nor loves hot food.

Red Baron is our favorite cheaper brand. $3 on sale.

Guv'nor's favorite has onions and green peppers.

Newman's Own Pepperoni is my favorite so far.

Guv'nor agreed that his was good, too.

The thin crust pizza cooks quickly.

Newman's Own pizza comes on cardboard. Red Baron doesn't.

I slide the frozen pizza right on the oven rack. I use tongs to get it off.

I put the hot pizza back on the cardboard to cut and serve. For Red Baron, I use the box.

Guv'nor likes his pizza hot out of the oven.

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