Monday, October 1, 2012

5+ Inches

It rained almost all weekend here. We desperately needed the rain but would have preferred it being spread out a bit. We bought a little rain gauge recently and have it sitting in one of the hydroponic containers. We got at least 5” (probably more) in about 24 hours.

I planted out some of the seedlings the other day, so they got a good soaking. I have been reluctant to plant all the seedlings for fear that a deer would come in the night and wipe out all my hard work. But the cabbage, broccoli, and brussels sprouts were getting eaten by the grasshoppers, so I figured I didn’t have much to lose planting them.

Overflowing rain gauge - more than 5 inches

The grasshoppers are eating the leaves.

I've planted out most of my seedlings now. Just waiting for the deer to eat them.

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