Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daddy Long-Legs

We spent three days last week at Homestead Heritage near Waco taking a three day homesteading course at their Ploughshare Institute. It was very inspiring and we’re anxious to get started. Once I can gather my thoughts, I plan to tell you more about what we learned.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you about our plague of Daddy Long-Legs. After a summer of wasps and grasshoppers, we are having an autumn of spiders. Rural life in Texas is not for the squimish. 

Thankfully the Daddy Long-Legs are the good kind of spiders and don’t cause any harm despite the fact they look so menacing with their extra long legs. According to my new Texas Bug Book, they don’t have any bad habits and “add beauty and fascination to nature.” Except when they’re crawling on you and then they're DEAD Daddy Long-Legs!


  1. I'd seen lots of Daddy Long Legs at summer camp, but ETX was the first place I saw red ones. They look little more menacing.

  2. Daddy Long Legs are so cool. I remember when Jonah was little, I wanted him to look at them (because I loved them) and he ran from me and bit the dust, literally. Got a mouth full of dirt. I felt so guilty.