Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fair Day

We had a fun day yesterday at the State Fair. Neighbor and his wife invited us to go with them and they were great tour guides. We tried to see it all and were completely worn out by the time we left. They knew all the best places to go, especially for food.

The highlights of the day were finally seeing Big Tex (read more here) and also seeing the man who is the voice of Big Tex. He looked remarkably similar to Big Tex. Also, we got obligatory corny dogs and a funnel cake. We hunted down fried butter but it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment after the long anticipation.

It was Dr. Pepper day, so we got in for $5 with an empty can. Of course, I had plenty of empty cans.

Big Tex - quite the imposing figure in person

The man who is the voice of Big Tex - also quite the imposing figure

Ferris wheel - a permanent feature

Texas sized pumpkin carved with the face of Big Tex

Guv'nor and Neighbor checking out the tractor deals

And later comparing pickup trucks

The canned vegetables were a work of art - notice the green beans top right.

I loved the carrots cut in the shape of stars.

The car show included a Texas Beetle. I got free sunglasses for posting this photo to Instagram.

And finally the long awaited Fried Butter

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