Monday, October 29, 2012


I love pecans. I have loved them ever since I was little and would go around my grandmother and aunt’s front yard picking them up from under the trees. I’d shell them and eat them on the spot. I grew up eating pecans in everything, even jello. My mother thought if something was good, it would be better with pecans in it.

I’ve always thought that some of the best pecans came from East Texas. So I was excited to see that there are several places nearby to buy them. I’ve been waiting for the new season pecans to arrive. I bought several pounds from several places. The price this year is $10.95/pound for whole halves. Hopefully, at some point in the near future, we will be planting some pecan trees. But until then I will be content to buy them.

My favorite way to eat them is either raw, straight from the bag, or spiced up and slow roasted. Maybe I’ll give you the recipe for that later.


  1. I have lots of recipes for pecans in my jello. LOL We ate them in everything too because that was Papa's family business. Many weeks we spent picking and cracking pecans to sell. I miss having fresh Texas pecans. The ones I get at the store are gross.

  2. Have you had them in brittle made with brown sugar? Oh man! I had it for the first time this year.