Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cotton Festival

Towns around here will use any excuse for a festival -  hogs, chickens, pecans, roses, hot peppers, syrup, and even chiggers. Mostly they are just an occasion to get out and visit with your neighbors, spend some money and eat too much.

The Cotton Festival started out several years ago as a means to raise money to build a new library for the community. It continues to bring our small community together by hosting events and entertainment for the day. The festival is also a good reminder that cotton was the main source of income for local families for many years.

Town comes alive for this festival. The typically empty main street was a hive of activity. Midweek a circus arrived, and later a carnival was set up. Then trailers, stands, tents, signs, and balloons arrived. It was obvious that weeks of planning had gone into the few hours of the event. We were pleased and a little amazed that the day was so well organized.

The day began early with a run/walk to benefit the scholarship fund. They ran. I walked. We got the t-shirt to prove it. Once we could catch our breath, we walked across the street to a pancake breakfast.

Later in the day, after a brief rest and tidy up at home, we came back to have a better look at all the exhibits, stalls, activities, and, of course, more food. A local vintage airplane club did a fly-over. There was a stick horse rodeo for the children. Local antique tractors were on display. Lots of food to choose from including a chili cook off and an ice cream competition. So much to see and do.

The Fun/Run t-shirts

The 1K walk through town

Daughters finished the 5K in 36 minutes and with a sprint.

The airplane fly-over town

The stick horse rodeo in the park

The antique tractors on display

One of many musical performances during the day

Read more about the festival and see some great photos here.

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  1. OK. I went through and read every single entry. I know your notices are going to get slammed with my comments, but I didn't know you had this so I had months of catching up to do. Your blog was a happy comfort for me. I'm jealous but very happy for you. PLEASE go outside and take lots of pictures of all your trees and more sunsets. If y'all go into Dallas, maybe let me know way ahead of time so I can tell Allyson. She's very happy but sad and lonesome too. It's been hard for her to feel comfortable at her new church. It would make her feel so good to see you. Many blessings to you all. You are missed. Please keep posting. :) Love this.