Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Monday

I went to First Monday last Friday. Confused? So am I.

The town of Canton is within driving distance from us so I thought I would go to the big flea market held there once a month. It's called First Monday Trade Days, apparently since 1850. Several people have tried to explain it to me, but it still sounds confusing. The market is actually held on the Thursday through Sunday preceding the first Monday of each month. Held on 100 acres with 6000 vendors, it's supposedly the largest and oldest flea market in the country. I think it started out as a horse trading day.

It's free to enter. Only hitch is you have to park your car somewhere and pay $5 for the privilege.

I thought it would be good to see what there was, so I'll know where to go when I need something. I lasted about two hours before I gave up. It's huge. There was no way I'd see everything. Plus I didn't bring enough cash. Most vendors take cash or check. And I've never carried my checkbook around.

I did stand in line awhile to buy lunch. A corny dog.

I learned later that most vendors don't like you taking photos of their booths, afraid you're going to steal their ideas. Oops! I didn't know.

One of the main entrances

Costume jewelry

Home decorations

Old stuff

An antique nuts and bolts hexagonal chest of drawers - $1800

Outside things get cheaper

Antler chandelier - $1400

These were a menace. Everyone had one.

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  1. Canton First Monday is probably my most favorite place in the world. Except it's horrible in the summer.