Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homestead Fair

Instead of shopping on Black Friday, we chose to visit Homestead Fair.  

Homestead Heritage hosts a three day fair every Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a great way to be introduced to the variety of heirloom skills they teach. There were craft demonstrations, agricultural exhibits, children's activities, barn raising, music, outdoor food, an auction. The food was wonderful. We had a great time and already look forward to next year's fair.

Craft Pavilion: lots of unique handmade pottery

Craft Pavilion: leather fly swatters

Craft Pavilion: handmade baskets of all sizes and colors

Craft Pavilion: handmade brooms with unique woods

Craft Pavilion: beautiful hand smocked pillowcase

Outdoor food: wood fired pizza (our favorite)

Traditional crafts: handmade doctor's cart

Make-your-own: Son made me a wooded bird feeder

Barn raising: "many hands make light work"

Barn raising: visitors were asked to help

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