Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Truly Thankful

We had a busy Thanksgiving week here. Houston friends came to visit. The Factor flew in to retrieve his Mini-Cooper and brought his dog to meet our Dog (teeth bared at times). Son arrived from Florida for the week. Daughters were off work and school. Guv’nor was off work. I spent a couple days cooking. The builders were working frantically but left us in peace for a few days. (New bedrooms are in the works, post to come.) We ate. We laughed. We rode 4-wheelers. We watched Lost (Season 2 on DVD). We went to Homestead Fair (see post). Christmas presents were ordered online. More eating. More watching Lost.

We were busy, but not too busy to stop and reflect on how thankful we are for so many things. God has truly blessed us with our home, our health, our family, our jobs, our friends.

The dogs were uneasy friends.
Our table was full. Looks like Guv'nor is hangry.

Lots of leftovers.

Thanksgiving sunset 4-wheeling.

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