Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Factor

We had our good friend visit us recently. Actually, he’s a very good friend. We weren’t halfway between somewhere he was going. We were where he was going - he came just to see us. He could be family except that we’re not actually related. When the children were younger, he would interject liveliness into the family dynamics which was referred to as The Factor. The name stuck.

He’s also full of surprises. He loves cars. So when he flies to see us, we’re always curious to see what rental car he’s chosen. But this time, he really surprised us. He had bought a new car. The one he wanted was in Houston, so he picked it up on his way to see us.

The bad news is that he didn’t have time to drive it all the way home, some 1800 miles. The good news is that he left it with us for a month. Who does that? (buys a new car and leaves it) So we’re having fun driving it. He said we could.

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