Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hughes Net

I was going to wait awhile to tell you about our internet connection but after yesterday decided the topic needed to come to the top of the list.

Since we’re so far from civilization, we can’t get any kind of cable connection out here. In the past we’ve had dial-up, cable, and more recently fios. We admit we were spoiled.

Hughes Net is the answer for our rural area. It is a satellite connection. We had a small satellite installed on our roof which connects somewhere to another location that somehow connects to the real internet. All I know is by the time we get it, it’s very slow and flaky (download speed up to 1MB/sec).

Yesterday it wasn’t working. We wasted a good portion of the day waiting for it to work. We finally gave up and Guv’nor decided he’d phone to complain. After going through the options and ruling out the fact our service was interrupted by a snow storm (!), we found out we had been the victim of the “fairness rule”. Since we have only signed up for the basic service, we had used up all our 250MB per day allotment for the previous day and were now being punished for it by having super slow service.

I must admit, we’re not loving Hughes Net.


  1. Beth, we had Hughes net when we first moved here. We HATED it!!

  2. We tried to cancel the service the other day and they gave us a free upgrade. It's only slightly better now. But they are promising that something new is coming in a couple of weeks, so we will hold on until then.