Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Phase 3

We have been moving to Texas in phases. Three so far.

Phase 1 happened back in the spring soon after we closed on our property. Packing was fairly stress free because we had about half our things stored at our old house in the garage (from the previous downsizing move) and we weren't planning to actually move/live in Texas at this point. So we loaded the garage things (with the help from several good friends) into a 26’ Penske truck (the largest you can rent without a special license) and drove 2 days and unloaded into the garage here. My Brother volunteered to help Guv’nor drive the Penske. I drove my car behind (with Son and D3) and watched in horror as the Penske swerved and wobbled 1100 miles. I said then that I’d never follow a Penske again. The drive went smoothly until the last sharp turn into our driveway. Guv’nor was concentrating on the height of the Penske (15’) clearing the gate and didn’t pull wide enough. The right rear wheel caught the muddy ditch and sank in. Thankfully, the Penske was pulled out a few hours later by the hugest tow truck I’ve ever seen.

My view for 2 days: the back of a Penske truck

Penske crossing the Mississippi River
Penske stuck in the ditch

Phase 2 was at the end of June. School was over and we had an offer on our house and were now ready to move. Packing was more stressful because things we were using (like the kettle!) needed to go into boxes. We thought the rest of our things would fit into another 26’ Penske, but after the first morning of loading (with more help from friends), it became obvious the rest wouldn’t fit. We were going to need a second Penske, and I was going to have to drive it. We got a 16’ truck with a car trailer for D2’s car. D2 now needed to drive my car, so we would have to tow her car. (D2 had been staying with us since her graduation from university.) Plans for the move kept being revised as Tropical Storm Debby hovered over Florida for several days dumping vast amounts of rain, making loading the Penske tricky. We set off in convoy: me and Dog in Penske 2 towing D2’s car, Guv’nor and trusty Friend with an i-phone in Penske 1, and D2 driving my car with D3. Son stayed in Florida. We had brought along walkie-talkie’s for fun, but after just a few miles realized that they would be a valuable tool for our trip. We made the trip in two days with two overnight stops, and many little stops in-between. It took another two days to unload.

Our sweet Dog riding in Penske 2 (Australian Shepherd mini)

My view from Penske 2

Phase 3 was completed yesterday. D1 and D2 have recently graduated from university in Kentucky and are both joining us here in Texas. They were able to share a 16’ Penske to get their things here. D1 drove her car and D2 and second trusty Friend with an i-phone drove the Penske. They made the 750 mile drive and arrived here safely last night. We unloaded today. I watched, mostly.

D1 and D2 arriving, coming up our driveway

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