Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We were introduced to a new danger yesterday: ticks. D2 was petting Dog and discovered a knot, and pulled it out thinking it was a sticker. On closer inspection, discovered it was moving and had legs. We put it in a jam jar.

We did a little research on the internet (luckily it was working) and identified the bug as a tick. In fact it’s not technically a bug but an arachnid in the spider family. They carry diseases and can infect the host with all sorts of nasty things. Google it sometime. Our one was pretty big but I think we caught it before it caused too much damage. We are planning to watch the spot where we found it though.

We’re starting a board by the back door with pictures of all the things we need to watch for.



  1. Ticks=Lymes disease. We're scared of them.

    1. Apparently not ALL ticks carry diseases, but we won't be taking any chances. I read somewhere that soybean oil is a natural repellant for ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, etc. You can mix it into lotions. We are going to try this.

  2. Our dog got a parasite from a tick. We used to get ticks all the time when we were kids. I wonder if that's why i have health problems. LOL We thought nothing of it then. *sigh* Put diatamceous earth on the dog food. It will help with pests. I swear by it.