Saturday, July 14, 2012

License Plates

We got our Texas license plates yesterday! We went to the county court house and filled out the necessary forms and paid the necessary fees. You have to put two plates on your car here - front and back. Our cars don’t even have places on the front, so we’ll have to take them down to the auto shop again and get them to help us.

Our next step is getting our driver’s licenses, which we have 90 days to do. It’s a different place to go so we’ll all go there another day. Once we do that we’ll be “registered Texans”.

While we were in Town we took advantage of the Domino’s and Wing Stop locations and brought pizza and wings home. After the 30 minute drive home they were warm but not hot. That is another thing to get used to.

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  1. When we moved to Florida, the kids were so excited to order a pizza. It was a novelty to them.