Monday, July 30, 2012

First Month

It’s been a month now since we arrived. It may not seem like much to you, but we’re happy with our progress so far. Here are a few things we’ve done:
  • Safely moved and unpacked three truck loads of things (5/6 of us now living under one roof)
  • Unpacked about half the boxes and positioned most of the furniture
  • Met four sets of neighbors and got lots of valuable advice
  • Visited six different congregations and accepted several offers for meals
  • Connected satellite TV and satellite internet
  • Opened local bank accounts and PO Box
  • Got our Texas license plates
  • Have had quotes for solar energy, water well survey, and improving the soil
  • Bought a Mule
  • Cut down at least 100 small but pesky mesquite trees (Guv’nor did this with some help from D2)
  • Removed countless hornet/wasp/mud dauber nests
  • Burned our own trash
  • Started composting
  • Seen various wildlife: deer, coyote, hog, roadrunner, armadillo
  • Seen various birds, bugs, and spiders
  • Extracted our first tick from Dog
  • Arranged the mowing of our 13 acre field
  • Have had our first visit from family and friends
  • Felt 110 degree heat 
  • Guv'nor wore jeans
  • Attended Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love at the Cowboy Stadium in Dallas
  • Enjoyed the peace and quiet of the rural life

The front 13 acres that got mowed.
Just when I thought I was finished,  I'd find another box of teapots.
Then I'd find another box of china and glasses.
Glenn Beck's Restoring Love event at Cowboy Stadium

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  1. I was fairly proud of my teapot collection until I meet you. Those pictures were a reminder. Glad to know you've all settled in nicely. Next time you post we'd like to see photographic evidence of the guv'nor in jeans (and a cowboy hat).