Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PO Box

Our Town has a certain charm but we have to admit it is a bit run down. It has a Main Street with old brick pavement. The railroad goes right through town. We’ve been told that about 25 years ago it was a thriving prosperous little town with an active downtown area. On a Saturday you would bump into people on the sidewalk. It's hard to imagine now, when you're lucky if you see anyone walking down the street. The current downtown is a little sad with most of the store fronts vacant.

There are a few successful businesses, though: Mexican restaurant, archery store, newspaper office, police department, chamber of commerce, insurance company, and post office. The essentials. Further afield out on the Highway, there are other places like the gas station,  donut shop, and car shop.

We have a post office box now. It’s the old style combination lock. It reminds me of the kind I had in College. We try to go into Town a couple of times a week to pick up our mail. We like getting mail.

Main Street
Typical mail box