Monday, July 9, 2012


One of the first things we need to find is a place to worship. We left a wonderful church family in Florida and have no expectation of replacing it. Our goal is to find a group where we feel comfortable and can be useful. Daughter 3 left behind a great teen group and we are hoping to find a few new friends for her. We have seen a couple of church lists but have decided that we will visit as many in our area as we can to make our own conclusions.

We started our quest last week at the most local place - about 5 miles away - with attendance of about 50. We truly felt like honored guests but were a little overwhelmed by the attention we got. Some were curious why we chose this particular area. We were invited to join a group for lunch at the local Mexican restaurant. We loved the fact that we were connecting with local Christians and want to keep up those connections despite wherever we may end up worshiping regularly. D3 was disappointed that there were no teens. Guv'nor was surprised when two members arrived Monday morning to help repair the garage door that had slipped off its track. Plus they brought two large watermelons from their garden! We were also invited to join their 4th of July potluck and fireworks.

Yesterday we decided to visit a group which would potentially be the farthest we could practically drive - about 50 miles away in Palestine (pronounced by locals with a short i as opposed to a long i) and with attendance of about 30. We were warmly received and provided with sound teaching. Once again we were invited to join a group for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant (we're seeing a trend). The group had a few teens but on further reflection have concluded that 100 miles round trip may become too expensive. We liked the feel of the town and would like to attend some of their summer series lessons.

 Unusual sightings: wild hog roadkill


  1. Maybe we will adopt a Mexican on the Sabbath tradition in our house as well. Seems likes a good idea.

    1. It is amazing the number of times Sunday and Mexican food go together. Most have been average, but we found one place in Waxahachie that was outstanding.