Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Cousins

We had our first visitors today. As it turns out we're about halfway between one cousin and another cousin. So we were a good meeting point. I liked that. I hope it becomes a regular thing. They even brought lunch! Can't beat that. They stopped at Collin Street Bakery on their way and brought chicken salad sandwiches (sorry no photos, we ate them all). The Guv'nor wasn't too excited about the pecans in the bread but he'll need to get used to it because it seems nuts are put in almost everything here. We had a good visit and got great advice and ideas about what to do with our property. I think we may be looking to buy a good tractor soon - to get the fields of grass and weeds under control. Apparently if we mow regularly we can get the weeds under control without the use of any chemicals. We were also schooled in the East Texas pronunciation of the word "sweet tea" (sounds a bit like sa-wait tay).

I knew my mother and I were born in Texas, but I was reminded that my grandparents and great-grandparents were born here too. Also it seems the family has an odd fascination with owning cemeteries.

As they were leaving I noticed how hot it was outside - 104 degrees. A couple of hours later, though, a storm blew through and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. We just missed the rain.

Unusual sightings: deer crossing the road


  1. It's true. We DO put pecans in everything. My grandpa was a pecan farmer.

  2. Oh and be careful for the deer. They come out at night. If one is in the road, don't swerve to miss it. You'll have a wreck. Just go ahead and hit it. I know that sounds awful, but if you swerve, it could kill you. It happens all the time. :( Also, I hope the Guv has a gun. The hogs are very bad out there. It didn't used to be like that, but they are taking over.