Sunday, July 22, 2012


I have had a healthy respect for scorpions since I was little when one crawled inches away from my hand.

We came home the other night after having been out most of the day, carrying in bags of shopping. As I was putting away the groceries, I saw some grass on the kitchen floor. Or what I thought was grass. Luckily I didn’t pick it up. It wasn’t grass, but a scorpion. We think it came in while we were carrying the bags inside, having set some of them down at the doorstep (in the dark) to unlock the door.

We didn’t put it in a jam jar, but I did manage to snap a quick photo before Guv’nor smashed it to smithereens. Sorry scorpion.

This is going on our board.

Sorry this is a bit blurry - the camera was shaking.


  1. These things have scared me since I was little too. The ones in Saudi Arabia we're poisonous - are the ones on TX as well or do they just really hurt...?

    1. I'm sure they are some type of poisonous but probably not deadly as I thought they were as a child. A repairman at the house the other day said he had them so bad at his house that they had to have an exterminator spray once a month to get rid of them. They come inside because it's so dry outside and particularly like the kitchen. Needless to say we watch where we're walking more closely now.

  2. Wow, I was going to ask you if you had scorpions and here is a post about them!!! Allyson works at a place that has an infestation (well......she is deep in the country, so it's sort of expected). They aren't poisonous they just hurt like the place where satan lives. You need to always shake your shoes out. It's a habit Texans learn early. Don't leave clothes on the floor. There are some organic things you can do, but you mostly have to keep their food source down. Make sure you don't have bugs in your house. We clean with orange oil and put diatamaceous (don't make me spell that word) earth down all over the place.

    If you have problems with scorpions or snakes, you can get chickens, guinea hens, peacocks and cats. :) All of them are good for eating scorpions and baby snakes.